Postal Address :
Southwest Iowa Humane Society
692 East Laperla Street
Clarinda, IA 51632

Telephone :


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Animals Lost/Found/Unwanted:

The society encourages the public to contact the shelter as soon as possible if their pet is lost. Please be ready to give specific identifying information, including: breed, gender, size, color, age, collar, ID tags, name of missing dog or cat, and date it became lost. If the animal is not at the shelter, the information can be entered on a log of lost/found animal calls. We recommend follow-up calls to the shelter on a regular basis during the time an animal is missing. If the animal is at the shelter, the caller will be directed to contact Clarinda City Hall(542-2136). See Recovery.

For stray animals found within the city limits, the public is to call Clarinda City Hall (542-2136) to report the animal to the city Animal Control Officer. Please be ready to give specific identifying information on the animal, and it's location. See Impounding. If the animal is not within the Clarinda city limits, the caller can leave information at the shelter to be entered on a log of lost/found animal calls.

To give up an unwanted animal, the pet owner must live within the city limits of Clarinda and contact the City Hall, (542-2136). See Relinquishment. If the owner lives outside the city limits, the Humane Society maintains a message board at the shelter, with "Free to Good Home" notices. The Society also suggests checking with the Rescue League, advertising the animal at local Veterinarians' offices, in local newspapers, and local radio stations. Call the shelter for more suggestions.

Adoption Fees:

Dog - $50.00
Puppies - $35.00

Cats - $25.00
Kittens - $25.00
Adopters must fill out an adoption form with said requirements. In addition, unaltered animals require the adopter to fill out an ownership/sterilization agreement, requiring the adopter to alter the animal within thirty (30) days. Adoption also requires that adoptee provide proof of identification and address vet reference and any information needed per individual animal.

Spay/Neuter Programs- Several years ago, the Iowa Legislature mandated that animals from an animal shelter may not be released unless they are altered or the owner agrees to alter it. To aid in the mandate, the Southwest Iowa Humane Society either alters the animal prior to adoption or offers rebates to adopters ranging from $10 - $35. This spay/neuter project is limited only to animals adopted from the shelter.

When funds are available, the society also offers spay and neuter rebate certificates to the public.