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Southwest Iowa Humane Society
692 East Laperla Street
Clarinda, IA 51632

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The Clarinda Animal Shelter has reopened.  Please call City Hall or the PD to report strays or abused animals.

                     We are glad to be back!

The Mission of the SWIHS is to protect abandoned and homeless animals impounded by the City of Clarinda and, to a lesser extent, those living in the southwest Iowa area.

was founded in 1991 and incorporated as a non-profit, IRS 501(c) (3), volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the general welfare of animals and enhancing the bond between animals and humans.
Our Animal Welfare Programs provide needed services for those animals by providing sanctuary, nutritional food, health examination, pre-adoption vaccinations and worming, spay and neuter when possible or rebates toward that surgery. Emergency veterinary care, emotional rehabilitation, returning lost animals and obtaining new homes for others that would otherwise be homeless, neglected or abused. We encourage the community to report animal cruelty to the proper authorities. By upholding the laws for protection and control of animals, we protect the people of the community as well.

Education is central to supporting pet life and helping build a better future for our community and its animals. Accordingly, the society's educational and public service programs emphasize the importance of responsible and proper pet care to children and adults including the spaying/neutering of animals. The society believes controlling population is the key to reducing not only the number of unwanted and homeless animals but also those having to be euthanized. When funds are available, the society offers spay and neuter certificates to the public for private pets.

Donations of the shelter supplies are always welcome. The following items are regularly needed: dog food, (dry and canned), puppy food, dog treats, chews, & toys, collars and leashes, cat food, (dry and canned), kitten food, cat litter, cat toys, towels, Dawn dish soap, bleach, Scotch brand scrubbers. Contact the shelter to find out our current needs.